Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Philippine Trike-Mountains

We got mountain, river,trees and birds in this trike design.

Philippine Trike- Coconut trees

This trike designed has mountains and coconut trees and more.

Philippine Trike- Marlboro

A trike that says " Danger is not found in the absence of Prayer but in the presence of God" and at the end it says "Marlboro" which is cigarette name.;)

Philippine Trike- Rocks and Rivers

This trike is designed with rocks and rivers.

Philippine Trike- The Lord is my sheperd

Trike with a verse from Psalm 23:1 The Lord is my shepherd.

Philippine Trike- ACDISA

Philippine trike with ACD- Investigation Security Agency.

Philippine Trike- Horse Power

Philippine trike that was designed with three horses and was titled as Horse Power;)
Three + Horse power = Three Horse Power.. Sounds Fun!!;)

Philippine Trike- A guy shooting

This trike has a guy who is shooting something behind the trees.

Philippine Trike-Well

Painted with trees and two animals chilling and swimming in the well:)

A no smoking Philippine Trike

A word No smoking is painted on this trike, some passengers obey this rule but some don't:). This is also painted with trees and mountains and a guy fishing on the river setting on a rock.

Philippine Trike with Mary and Jesus image

A trike with the image of of Mother Mary and Jesus.

Million Million Na! Gameka na ba? Philippine trike

This trike design is inspired with the former Philippine game show called Million Million na Game KNB?, which was hosted by Ms. Kris Aquino.

Birds and Dolphin Philippine Trike Design

Trike with the words "In God we Trust" and a bird and dolphin design with a coconut tree and a mountains in background.

Tom and Jerry Philippine Trike

A trike painted with Tom and Jerry cartoon characters. It is fun and child friendly design of a trike.

Philippine trike, words about Kill

A trike that is painted with different variety of colors and a painted words that says " If we accept that the mother can kill there own child, How can we tell people not to kill one another"

Monday, May 23, 2011

Morales Family trike

Married person who owned a trike(tricycle or Pedicab) in the Philippines usually put the name of there children on it, example the name Nessel Joy and Divine on top. The Christ and the Church words that was painted below is a logo name of the church that the owner attended. All the text that was painted on this trike has a meaning of his family life and his church life.

At the back of this trike has two of the traffic rules written which is Stop and Keep Distance. Other vehicle drivers must be aware of this:)!!

God Striking Wet Matches in the dark

A colored blue trike (tricycle or pedicab) with painted words that says " God Striking wet matches in the dark, occasionally finds one that lights".

In God we Trust Trike

A trike that was painted of blue and yellow with the written word "In God We Trust" and a word "Sakay na" on the side is a tagalog word which means "Ride" in English. The lady that is setting inside the trike is one of the example on how people ride it. Trike has no seat belt but it is still fun to ride especially for Filipino's. -opposite of the woman's facial expression in this image:)

God Bless our Way trike

This trike has a yellow colored glow in the dark sticker that was attached on some part of the trike(tricycle or Pedicab) to make it more visible for other drivers especially when traveling at night and painted with the word God Bless our Way on the bottom part of it which is very spiritual and full of sense.

Philippine Trike with Boat and Fisherman Painting

This motorcycle and side car trike has a painting of a boat with fisherman on it out in the water of the Philippines.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Horse and Women Painting - Philippines Trike

This traditional Philippines Trike has a white horse and women riding on it that is painted on the front.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Philippines Trikes

Philippines Trikes is a collection of interesting motor vehicles in the Philippines. The trikes, multicabs, jeepneys and other forms of transportation in the Philippines are often decorated with all kinds of interesting signs and pictures that are funny or bible verses to remind you of your mortality as you hang on for dear life zipping through the busy streets in Philippines cities.

Check out the about us information for how to send in your own picture of a Philippines Trike or other interesting vehicle in the Philippines to be posted.